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Track and Follow up With Allegra DirectCONNECT

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With DirectCONNECT, you get three valuable, multichannel marketing services seamlessly integrated into one convenient package! All of your important analytics are organized for you in a customized dashboard. Easy online access lets you conveniently check the status and measure the performance of your campaigns at any time, from any device.

1. Mail Tracking – Every mail piece in your campaign gets a special barcode printed on it during addressing. This allows each piece to be
tracked as it enters the mail stream. You’ll know the actual delivery dates of each mailing, allowing you to sync up other marketing efforts.

2. Call Tracking – Every campaign has a unique call tracking number printed on your mailers. It routes all responses directly to you and records them, too. That way, you can play back the conversations at any time for review with your staff and fine-tune your selling approach.

3. Online Follow-up – Each mail piece features the address of your website or landing page. Before your piece is mailed, we’ll also add code to your site or page that allows you to track visitors. Once they leave your site, online banner ads will automatically follow them for 30 days as they visit any of the two million sites on the Google Display Network, further extending your campaign.

Seamless integration that’s easy and affordable. DirectCONNECT is a fast and easy way to enhance your direct mail and maximize your marketing impact.

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